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About: Posting

Beginning a new post
To begin a new thread in the game, be that an entrance post or any subsequent post, simply post an open post to the Hotel California community and tag it open to anyone. Slowtime is allowed; please label at the top of the thread if it is going to be slowtimed. If there are any OOC notes to add to the thread, please place these at the end of the thread in parentheses, preferably in small font.
Remember: Only third-person past tense narrative is acceptable in the main community. Don't post in first- or second-person narrative or in the present tense. On the communication network, use the first person as though your character is writing an email.

Regarding "tagging" your threads
Each and every character will receive their own gameplay tag, which will enable people to find any threads any character is involved in. You MUST tag each and every thread that your pup/s is involved in, be that threading on the community or linking to a private post from a character journal on the community. This is also so the moderators can keep check on how active people are and whether they are staying within the minimum posting requirements or meeting eligibility for additional characters.

When to move a thread to a personal journal
Any thread with explicit pornographic content should be moved to a character journal. No adult material is allowed directly on the game. Once the thread is completed, post a link to it on the community with the appropriate warnings.

When to link threads in personal journals in the main community
With the exception that a thread is AU (not part of the game's canon), each and every thread should that takes place out of Hotel California (OOHC) should be posted to the community with a link supplied and appropriate warnings stipulated.

Post this, along with your link:

- Who is involved in the thread
- Where the thread takes place
- When the thread takes place
- A brief summary of the thread
- Rating

Minimum Posting Requirements
- A player must have all of their characters in at least one active thread containing at least 10 tags per character OR have started at least one new post on the main comm OR two on the Network within a one month period. A player's 10 tags do not all have to be in the same thread and the thread does not have to have been started in the month of the activity check for the tags to count.
- Exceptions will be made, of course, for those who are on an announced hiatus or those who have just joined the game in the month of the check.
- Activity checks will be posted in the OOC community on the first Friday of every month and will be open for the entire weekend. Players must respond with a link to their activity within that period unless they are on announced hiatus.
- If, after two activity checks, a player has not been complying with the requirements, they will be removed from the game.
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