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Application Form

Before you fill out the application form, have you checked the character roster and character reserved list to make sure the character you want isn't already taken?


1. Create your character's journal.

2. Fill out this application form:

Your name/Pseudonym:
Your personal LJ:
Your email:
Your chat handles:
Do you currently have any other characters in this game? If so, which one(s)?:

Character's name:
Character's canon:
What type of canon is your character from? (eg, book, movie, tv show, etc):
Character's LJ:
Brief history of your character (100-200 words):
Brief synopsis of your character's personality (100-300 words):
What is your character's sexual orientation? (Bear in mind that any sexual orientation is welcome, but must be supported by or unknown/ambiguous in canon - see Rules and FAQ):

What is the point of your character's canon in which you are introducing your character?:

Is your character alive or dead at the point of entry to the game?:

What skills does your character have?:

When your character is shown to his/her room, he/she will find up to ten personal items belonging to them, which the Hotel has supplied. These things can ONLY be things they would typically have in canon. This will be known as his/her initial personal inventory. Please list what these things would be:

Write your character's entrance post (minimum 400 words. You will use this to post your character's entrance into the game.):

3. Update your character's user info page with the following information:
- Your character's full name
- Your character's canon/what kind of canon it is (eg, "Harry Potter/Book")
- The canonical point which your character is entering the Hotel California
- A description of your character's appearance
- A brief description of your character's history (use the one written in the email if you prefer)
- Your character's inventory
- A disclaimer stating that you don't own the character

Copy and paste the information you provided about your character in the application if you prefer. This is so any person who is not familiar with your character's canon will be able to get an idea of who your character is. Your application will not be approved unless you have this information on your character's profile.

4. Log into your character's journal, then join bringanalibi, plentyofchat, and plentyofroom.

When you have completed your application form, please post it as an entry on your character's journal and comment here with a link to it.

<------END OF APPLICATION------>.

All applications will be processed in what will hopefully be a timely manner, but please keep in mind that everyone involved has to deal with Real Life first and foremost. Communication will be done in response to your application request at this post. If you haven't received any sort of response within two weeks of application submission, please contact us! The Mods can be reached in this case by sending an email to hotelcalimods @
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