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The Rules

Please read all of the rules prior to entering the game. If any player or prospective player has any questions about the rules, please contact the moderators at hotelcalimods @ If there is any disagreement between players as to how any rule could be interpreted, please bear in mind that the moderators will decide these issues on a case by case basis and their decision will be final.

- First and foremost, Hotel California is an adult roleplaying game. This therefore requires that all players need to be 18 years of age or above.

- Upon acceptance, players will be subject to a two week 'trial period', in which it will be determined whether or not they are a good fit for the game. During this time, any broken rules or characterization issues will be brought to the player's attention and the player will be given the opportunity to work with the moderators to resolve any problems prior to being made a full member of the game. Once the trial period passes, new players are automatically considered full members of the game.

- Like in any rpg, godmodding is not on. For a description of what godmodding is, please see here. If anybody is caught or reported to be godmodding for any reason, they will receive a warning from the moderators. If the godmodding persists or if the same person is found to be godmodding elsewhere, this will land said person an instant banning from the game. We take godmodding very seriously.

- Your character must be canon. This means that any measure of canon is allowed -- if your character had only a two-minute appearance in a movie, a five-minute appearance in a show or even just mentioned once in a book, it's still classed as canon. Just make sure you know your character and have him/her fleshed out. Character portrayals cannot contradict canon, but can expand on it.

- This game allows characters of any sexuality, as long as the character's sexual orientation is supported by canon (or not contradicted by it, like any aspect of their personality - see previous rule). If non-heterosexuality offends you for any reason, it's strongly advised that you don't apply. For further clarification on this rule, please see the FAQ.

- Original characters and real person characters are not accepted.

- Players are only allowed ONE character application to start off with. To qualify for additional characters, you must be a full member of the game for a minimum of 30 days and have been in at least ten (10) completed threads. Remember to tag threads that you appear in with your character's personal tag, as it is your character's tag that will allow the mods to determine how many threads you are in. If players wish to apply for more characters beyond the second, the eligibility requirements will apply for every character the player already has.

- Hotel California does not allow character duplicates of any kind. This is merely to lessen confusion. Moderators are, however, willing to negotiate if there is a version of a character you'd like to play that already has another version in game (for example, Doctor Who).

- Hotel California only allows human and humanoid characters. Anime, cartoon and animal characters are not accepted. For any character that does not have photographic images from which to make icons (ie book characters), the player must choose somebody (ie actor, model, etc) to represent their appearance. Again, cartoon images are not acceptable, as cartoon characters are not acceptable.

- There is no magic and there are no special powers in the Hotel California. The Hotel doesn't want anyone more powerful than it, therefore it strips any and all magical powers that otherwise magical characters would have. If your character has a wand (eg., a character from Harry Potter), the wand will be nothing more than a worthless piece of wood. Any superheroes lose their superpowers. Even god-like characters are reduced to mere human beings.

- There is a minimum posting requirement for Hotel California. This is elaborated here.

- Players are encouraged to play threads to a logical completion. We realize that this is not possible absolutely 100% of the time for a variety of reasons, but if a player has a noticeable habit of abandoning threads on a regular basis, the mods will contact them as to why that is and to discuss the problem. Consistently abandoning threads can significantly diminish the enjoyment of the game for other players and can cause problems with characters' plots and development.

- The game has a networking community - please visit plentyofchat for more information on this.

- Bear in mind that only third-person past tense narrative posting is accepted on Hotel California. Please refrain from posting in first- and/or second-person narrative or in the present tense.

- Drama will not be tolerated. And by drama, we mean OOC drama, not in-game drama. Should any arise, please try to settle it between yourselves before approaching the moderators for intervention. While on the subject of drama, flaming and trolling will not be tolerated, either. Treat each and every member of the game with respect and consideration. Communicate with each other and with your mods.

- Canon puncturing is not allowed in this game. For more information on this, please visit the FAQ page.

- So, you've read all the rules, including the part regarding posting? And you're still interested in applying? Cool! Go to the application page (linked below) and fill out the application form.

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